Erectile Dysfunction Self Care

Erectile Dysfunction Self Care

When we think about erectile dysfunction self care, we often think about the physical side of such a statement. It’s easy to think this way simply because noticing the changes in your physical body is the most obvious part of coping with erectile dysfunction. The ongoing struggle of learning to live with ED is determined by how our physical body performs in comparison with how it used to perform. It only takes a simple shift in perspective to see that this approach can be self-defeating, which is why it’s important to remember that despite having to learn to navigate erectile dysfunction, and all that comes with it, you need to realize that you are still you. While ED has undoubtedly changed your life, there is an opportunity to rethink how you approach life with erectile dysfunction.

Your Self Image

Self-image is an element of erectile dysfunction self care which is always assumed but often goes unacknowledged. Anyone facing such a stark change to how they have come to know and understand themselves often comes into conflict with their inner monologue. Since the inner monologue is how people make sense of life and how they fit into it, this conflict can deliver a swift blow to one’s self-esteem. In turn, this can also cause a variety of psychological symptoms, including depression.

If you have found yourself struggling with these types of symptoms, it’s always smart to speak with a healthcare professional to get the guidance and help you need. After all, when things cease to be as they once were, we face a disharmony between what we have come to know, and what is happening. This type of dissonance must be reconciled if we are to continue living in a healthy, productive manner. Those coping with erectile dysfunction must begin to rewrite their inner monologue, based on the new information they are receiving from their body.

Some Things To Remember

Whether you are under the care of a healthcare professional or seeking information to help you refine your understanding of how to manage life with ED, as well as your overall approach to your changing body, you can always complement your treatments by gaining a better understanding of the person you are becoming. Here are a few things you can consider as you develop an erectile dysfunction self care routine:

You Are Still You

The very first thing to remember when you are coping with erectile dysfunction is that you are still you. True, things are not as you once knew them, but you are still a complete person who has options to not only help rebuild your body’s health but also accommodate for the deficiencies you have come to experience.

All the Other Feelings

Perhaps the most important thing you can remember when creating your erectile dysfunction self care plan is to remember that while your physical experience may change, there are still a variety of ways in which you can explore and experience intimacy. You may find it helpful to lean into your other senses, such as your sense of sight, hearing, and touch. After all, intimacy is an experience of more than just the body; it is an experience of the mind. This means that all of your senses contribute to the experience. No matter the severity of ED you are coping with, you can always strengthen your own feeling.

You Are Not Your ED

Man sitting in meditation pose

It’s important to remember that the distress of erectile dysfunction may be clouding your view of the opportunity which has presented itself. We are fortunate in today’s world to have a variety of medical options for those coping with erectile dysfunction, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one fix in your erectile dysfunction self care plan. Take some time to reflect on the person you want to be both mentally and physically, and then begin to introduce habits that complement how you see yourself.

You have a major opportunity, in the face of adversity, to develop a complete approach to your overall wellness, which includes refining your diet to help support the proper function of your body’s systems. It also includes adding exercise, as well as stress management techniques which help complement your diet and allow your body to perform at its best. If you find it difficult to make these kinds of changes, start small. Identify small things, like doing one simple stretch each day, or anything that you see as important to live a complete life, separate from your ED. Then, take action to implement them into your daily routine. This type of conscious action will help you improve, as well as reinforce, the image you have for a healthier version of yourself.

Solutions For You

Everyone has their own vision for the life they want to lead, and erectile dysfunction can throw you off course. This is precisely why RX Sleeve has created solutions that will help you and your partner explore and deepen your intimacy. For more than a decade, we have been providing non-invasive solutions for men who are coping with erectile dysfunction. If you would like to explore how the variety of penis sleeves offered by RX Sleeve can supplement your erectile dysfunction self care plan, you are always welcome to reach out to talk with an expert.