About Us


Since 2004, Dan Tomlinson, the founder of RX Sleeve, has been providing realistic penis sleeves for all men whose sex lives are suffering due to erectile dysfunction or other health-related issues. RX Sleeve is prepared to help pave the way to the intimacy you and your partner deserve.

For over twenty years, RX Sleeve has been doing its part to address erectile dysfunction and other issues with their assortment of high-quality, realistic penis sleeves. These easy-to-use and customizable sleeves are the answer you and your partner have been searching for. Happily serving customers with ready-to-ship products, RX Sleeve also provides a concierge service in the event you’re interested in a custom product.

Our Products

All of RX Sleeve’s products have a unique shape and external size so you can find the best fit for you. All RX Sleeves are made with certified skin safe silicone. Offering a wide variety of customization, each product is built to order and available in three different color tones, and two different firmness levels. Select Firm if you are unable to maintain an erection, and Soft if you don’t have issues maintaining an erection.

Peace of Mind with “The Grip” and “The Adjustable Inner Rod”

RX Sleeve’s patented, non-pinching harness (which we call “The Grip”) makes your realistic penis sleeve simple and comfortable to use. Stretch the comfortable silicone loop open and slide your testicles carefully into the provided hole. Next, slide your penis into the shaft inner hole.

Worried about the fit? Thanks to RX Sleeve’s new Adjustable Inner Rod, you can easily fill any interior gaps to ensure a perfectly matched sleeve. Drastically improve your sex life and restore intimacy in your relationship thanks to RX Sleeve’s patented technology.

Repair or Replace Warranty

We have the solution to your problem. Protect your RX Sleeve with a 1 Year Repair or Replace warranty for only $125.

Get Close With Your Partner Again

It’s time for you to take back control, and RX Sleeve is here to help you do just that. We want to help you restore intimacy and be close to your partner again.