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Realistic Penis Sleeves at RX Sleeve

Our premium penis sleeves are considered to be the best on the market, and they’re fully customizable to suit your particular needs. RX Sleeve is proud to be able to help couples grow closer with realistic penis extensions and other erection aids.

Take charge of your sex life and reclaim the intimacy that you and your partner deserve with RX Sleeve today.

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Excellent quality products!

“Excellent quality products, these sleeves are the Lamborghinis for men’s sexual aids. I was an Amazon shopper, bought everything they offered but it was low grade junk. These are the best out there. If you are considering purchasing one , press buy and you will never look back.”

– Manhattan Beach, California
Customer psychological concerned partner

Customer psychological concerned partner

To be clear, wife has been there , and supporting… I need this for me, I think. She is ok with my new situation, but I am not.  I need the psychological satisfaction of pleasing her more. Long road ahead of me I know… but this Pacifica product really gets us both going.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. You really seem to care about helping me. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Eric Lopez

12 days ago

Just needed a little help

Just needed a little help

I am 78 years old amd my wife is significantly younger than me. I am a lucky and gland to be is realatively good health. I just needed you product to help me in this area. Appriated

Tampa, Florida

Verified customer

Making an uncomfortable, comfortable

Making an uncomfortable, comfortable

Cialis at about 20mg and then later Viagra at 100mg and not all that great of an erection. Impairing my vision slightly... not to mention Trimix poking. No thanks I wil stick with sleeve. All ways does the trick.

John - CA

Loyal Customer