Exercises for ED | Take These Three Easy Steps

Exercises for ED | Take These Three Easy Steps

Upon being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or even having experienced symptoms of ED for the first time, you are likely in search of a way to naturally treat the symptoms you are experiencing. The easiest way to start helping your body is by moving it. Get your joints and muscles moving; get the blood and air flow pumping so that your body can return to its optimum function. Let’s take a look at some simple exercises for ED which will not only help manage your condition, but also support your overall health.

The Proper Approach

Often, when we approach a “workout routine” we set our sights high. We join a gym and tell ourselves that we will go there at least three times a week until we reach our goal. But as we all know, for so many reasons, this well-intentioned, goal-oriented approach rarely has longevity. So as we begin to explore exercises for ED we need to start with the most important type of exercise: mental exercise.

Exercise 1: Self Talk

Whether you want to do exercises to help manage your ED or you’re looking to do exercises for stronger erections, you need to be aware that exercise of any kind is a discipline. It requires a long-term approach, but when you are in search of healing for a specific condition there is a sense of urgency. This makes it easy to overcompensate and assign yourself an abundance of tasks until the situation has resolved. When it takes longer than desired to resolve, it’s easy to give up and fall back to old habits. This is why it’s important to remember that all habits are learned. So the first step is to start your exercises for ED routine with the proper mindset.

Focus — Begin to develop your focus. In order to make long-term, healthy changes to your life which will have a positive impact on ED, the very first thing you must do is discipline your mind. This focus will help you become less distracted and more engaged with your purpose for this new path toward wellness.

Self talk is one way to begin to discipline your mind so you may successfully adopt new behaviors. Science supports that self-talk directly impacts how you perceive yourself. So, if you make it a habit to tell yourself “I am healthy now” three times in a row, three times a day, you are not only beginning to discipline your mind to focus, you are also giving your mind new, positive information to consider.

It will take practice, and you may find yourself exhausted with the repetition, but rest assured that it won’t take long for this practice to begin to effectively change your perception of yourself, and lead to a change in behavior. This makes adopting the mental habit of positive self-talk, also known as affirmations, an important step, if not the most important step, in your daily routine of exercises for ED. You’ll be surprised at how quickly such simple mental exercises will influence the choices you make in your day-to-day life, which will lead to new and healthier routines.

Exercise 2: Get Physical

Seated man doing yoga as exercise for ED

Once you have set your mind to acquiring a new ED exercise routine you can begin to get physical. Remember, exercises for stronger erections and exercises for ED in general begin with your mind and that is what translates to your body. This is why yoga may be an excellent consideration for your unique needs.

Yoga, while often used as a physical workout, has its origins as a meditation practice. Meditation helps to calm the mind and allow it to focus, bolstering the efforts of the self-talk you’ve been practicing. Research shows that yoga may help with more than just the physical effects of ED. So, while there are specific yoga poses which may be targeted exercises for ED, the adoption of a yoga practice can benefit your overall mental and physical health. Which is beneficial for tending to the deeper causes of your ED.

Some reports state that you may find, after just twelve weeks of yoga practice, many aspects of your sex life will have improved, including desire and performance. Which means that yoga may be one of the great exercises for stronger erections. It also offers a well-rounded approach to your overall wellness. Even though twelve weeks may be a long time to realize the results, try to remember that you’re looking for lasting change, not temporary relief.

Exercise 3: Targeted Blood Flow

It’s advisable that your book of exercises for ED have multiple entries. After all, you are attempting to restore your body’s natural flow. The primary “flow” that is struggling when faced with erectile dysfunction is blood flow to the penis. Naturally, when blood flow to the penis is reduced, the strength of your erection is compromised. This is why it is essential to take the “whole body approach,” by incorporating exercises such as yoga. You may also want to supplement your total body approach with targeted exercises, such as Kegel exercises for ED.

Kegel exercises are not just for women; men who exercise their pelvic floor muscles may experience improvement in their erectile function. This makes Kegels a great, and also discrete, exercise for a stronger erection.

Harmony Between Body and Mind

Man balanced on rock in lake at sunset

As you move forward on your journey, keep in mind that you are in search of a harmonious relationship between how you perceive yourself and how you nurture and tend to your body’s needs. In addition to exercises for ED, there are a variety of options such as sleeves and supplements for you to explore. You may find them helpful as you work to enhance your health.