Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction | Mind Body Connection

Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction | Mind Body Connection

Any sufferer of ED is likely already familiar with the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction — anxiety, stress, depression, fear of rejection, and self doubt, just to name a few. These emotions, and many more, are perfectly understandable. They are, after all, the emotions of grief, and they should not be ignored. The key to successfully navigating ED is to take an active role in managing your grief. With the right mental approach, you can effectively handle the physical changes you are facing and move forward with confidence as you explore the options and opportunities available.

An Emotional Situation

Whether you are faced with ED because of symptomatic or psychological reasons, the mental results are the same. When your body no longer responds in the manner to which you are accustomed, you face the confusion of no longer knowing yourself as you once did. The psychological effects of erectile dysfunction deliver a staggering blow to one’s self-identity. Additionally, the emotions associated with this change play a major role in managing both ED and mental health.

When you’re faced with the painful emotions delivered by the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction, know that you have the ability to manage these emotions. Simply being aware of these (oftentimes negative) emotions as you experience them can help to mitigate their negative effects. It’s true. Harvard scientists discovered that the chemicals of emotions last about 90 seconds. After that, the choice is yours whether or not you want to continue experiencing it.

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One way to manage the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction is to become an observer of the emotions you are having. It will take some time to discipline your mind to be still and observe, and it will likely be frustrating at times. But remember that once you can observe your emotions, you are in a better position to determine if you want to continue experiencing them.

The Mind-Body Connection

The intricate relationship between ED and mental health makes practicing the mental discipline needed to become an objective observer of your emotions integral to successfully navigating this new life’s path. This is not only for your mental health, it is because your mental health is directly linked to your physical body’s wellbeing.

When dealing with psychological effects of erectile dysfunction, paying attention to your inner monologue is paramount, because what you say to yourself is rewriting your self-identity to fit this new version of you. It not only plays a vital role in how you adjust to, and integrate, treatment options into your life. How you see yourself directly impacts your physical wellbeing, as well. How you feel, both mentally and physically, also directly impacts your interpersonal relationships. And interpersonal relationships are a key consideration when dealing with the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction.

Put plainly, indulging in negative self-talk puts you at risk of incorrectly rewriting your self-identity. This means you could create a new self-identity by using the temporary emotions that you experience throughout your healing process. All of this creates a new cycle which can have long-term, negative impacts on many aspects of your personal life and physical health.

Influencing Your Physical Health

The intimate relationship between ED and mental health is so profound that it can influence the entirety of your life’s experiences. How so? Well, science has proven that your inner monologue directly affects the quality of your decisions, and those decisions can have a variety of impacts on your physical health. Essentially, how you see yourself affects your decisions on what you eat, the things you do, and how you relate to others. Not to mention, what you say to yourself can also create stress. And stress has been proven to be linked to a variety of cardiovascular conditions.

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Plus, when you are faced with the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction, you become acutely aware of just how significant of a role your physical health plays in your interpersonal and intimate relationships. If you are to positively impact your physical health and your personal relationships while faced with ED and mental health, you must take into consideration how your self-talk influences your life. In a way, ED actually provides us with the opportunity to explore the importance of the mind-body health relationship.

Opportunities and Options

Having explored the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction and the implications ED can have for your mental and greater physical health, it’s important to realize that drastic changes in our health can be an opportunity for personal growth. Know that the path you are on is one of healing. It is going to take time, so don't rush yourself. As you work through new experiences and the new information you gather, continue to explore the variety of options available which can assist you when dealing with ED and mental health.

You may find it beneficial to enlist the assistance of a mental health professional as you try and understand this new version of the person you are becoming. You may also find it helpful to know the variety of non-pharmaceutical and physical options available, which include prosthetic options from RX Sleeve. Whichever way you decide to approach the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction, know that the experience of emotions is a unique part of being human.