Can Vegan Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Vegan Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction affects well over half the male population at some point in their lifetime. This leaves men searching for options in reversing, curing, and preventing ED. Although medications and other procedures can help with ED, some men find it best to go a more natural route in relieving the symptoms. Exercising, meditation, nutritional supplements, weight loss, and diet plans are ways men look for ED fixes.

This leads us to the question: does going vegan help with ED? The short answer is maybe a vegan diet will help a little with erectile dysfunction, but many things play into the process.


There have not been many studies conducted on vegan and erectile dysfunction. Since there is a lack of studies, there is a requirement for more research and further advancement in this idea of vegan impacting erectile dysfunction. Listed here are three studies that show a mild decrease in symptoms of ED from eating vegan.

  1. There was a show on Netflix in 2018 that encouraged the aspect of a vegan diet helping erectile dysfunction. However, the research collected came from 48 hours of watching how two male college students reacted to eating meat the first 24 hours and only eating vegetables the second 24 hours.
  2. A small study performed in China focused on vegan diets and erectile dysfunction impacts. The study shows a slight decrease in ED symptoms but not enough to make doctors prescribe them to patients.
  3. Another more extensive study by the American Urological Association shows similar results to the China study. It also showed reduced ED symptoms when men ate very healthy plant-based diets.

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Other Factors

Although going vegan itself has not shown any significant improvements in erectile dysfunction, changes in your diet can help ED. Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and lack of exercise can negatively impact your ability to have a full, satisfying erection. A change in your diet towards the vegan side could affect many other health issues, which could help improve ED.

Working on your pelvic floor muscle strength, eating less meat and sugar, doing aerobics, and taking walks are all great ways to help your overall health. In addition, these natural remedies show a positive impact on erectile dysfunction.

The Outcome

So, does being vegan help with ED? Not much, but it could mildly help or add to other positive health changes.

Doctors and medical providers are great assets to have on your ED team. They will support you in many choices for correcting and working through ED. They can help with prescriptions, mental health, and other procedures to help with ED. They may even recommend a vegan-like diet for erectile dysfunction and overall wellness.

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