Tips For a Healthy Daily Routine For Men

Tips For a Healthy Daily Routine For Men

It’s no secret that our health is everything. It’s never too early to establish healthy habits. Unfortunately, many of us don’t do this until we’re presented with a health issue later in life, whether it be a heart condition, E.D., or concerns from being overweight. Keep reading to find out more about how to discover a healthy daily routine for men that you can easily incorporate into your life.

  1. Cut down on your caffeine consumption. For most people, coffee in the morning is a no-brainer. You’ve probably heard or maybe even uttered the words yourself, ‘don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee’. Unless your medical professionals have told you otherwise, one cup of coffee on an occasional morning isn’t going to hurt. The issue happens when you become dependent on the magic bean and end up consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine has a way of making you feel awake when first consumed, but can often lead to a crash down the line. Not to mention, too much caffeine has a negative impact on your sleep, and in terms of numbers, sleeping disorders are the single most reported health issues for North Americans. Try switching to a naturally caffeine-free tea to get your fix of a warm beverage to wake you up in the morning and see if you can wean yourself off coffee.

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  1. Start with a breakfast you won’t regret. Breakfast is key to establishing a healthy daily routine for men. Start off your morning with the correct nutrients and it will set you up for healthy eating for the rest of your day. All too often, we’re being sold sugary breakfast cereals and processed meats, cheeses, and carbs to start off our day. This is the way to diabetes and other health problems, not how you ensure a fulfilling day packed with energy. If you are eating correctly, ie. filling your plate with diverse fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, organic proteins (from which you know the source of your meat if you’re a meat eater), you’ll find you may be able to control many health issues and start feeling more energetic and joyful. Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing good food. Find some healthy recipes to try at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Start with a smoothie featuring your favorite fruits.

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  1. Get your exercise early. If you’re someone who finds it difficult to make your way to the treadmill, you’ll want to get this over with at the beginning of your day, so it’s finished! Fun fact: Working out increases libido. And we’ll get to this, but intimacy is an important addition to a healthy routine for men, so why not do everything in your power to improve your sex life? Exercise is a great stress reliever and helps you feel and look great. Don’t underestimate the power of endorphins! A good tip for helping yourself get into the habit of exercising is to find something that makes you sweat that you actually enjoy doing. Try new things and see if they are your cup of tea! Just enjoying a long walk or taking a deep-stretch yoga class is a great place to start. Don’t overwhelm yourself with exercise. This could cause an injury. Start slow and enjoy the process of transforming your mind and body.
  1. Make time for yourself. We have a tendency in our culture to constantly be in the state of doing to prove our worth. Sitting still has gotten a bad rap over the years. In order to get a proper grasp on a healthy routine for men, we suggest carving out fifteen minutes to meditate and express gratitude each day. If this feels too New Age for you, no problem. Set aside several minutes a day to focus on deep breathing. Intentional breathing is the precursor to meditation and can be incredibly helpful to incorporate into your everyday life. Do your best to slow things down a bit and take time to appreciate the now.
  1. Enjoy intimacy with your partner. Intimacy is an essential inclusion in a healthy routine for men. All humans need intimacy. Whether this means sex with your partner or having a conversation with a close friend with whom you can be totally open and honest. As humans, we crave connection. If you’re in a relationship and you’ve found the intimacy component slipping, it’s important to take measures to restore it. A successful relationship relies on good communication and mutual appreciation. Intimacy is key to reciprocal feelings of worth in a relationship, so carve out time to get to know your partner again on a deeper level.
  1. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep is a cure all. As we mentioned earlier, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is an issue that plagues many North Americans. Cut back on late-in-the-day caffeine consumption, (or cut it out entirely!). Also try to establish a consistent bedtime that will help you get into a pattern of good sleep. Instead of watching television or scrolling on your phone before entering into a dream state, give reading a good book a chance. This is a more organic way to greet sleep and will facilitate a higher quality sleep.

Establishing a healthy daily routine for men will look different for everyone. Find what works for you and continue having fun tweaking with it until you’ve got it down. Your routine isn’t necessarily stagnant. Be open to changes and modifications where they are necessary and don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up.