Drawback Series: Surgery

Drawback Series: Surgery

A couple of months ago, a customer approached RX Sleeve after having had a Penis enhancement surgery from a High-end Beverly Hills doctor.

He did have an increase in girth from the added material around the inside of his penis and it was firm enough for intercourse.

However, the head of his penis was small, soft and not proportional with the shaft of his penis. He said, “I need help with a sleeve that will make my penis look normal.”

Another customer had surgery to help with ED.  The doctor added a bendable rod inside his penis.

While the penis remained “erect” 24/7, his entire penis head/gland remained soft. His head and about 1/2” below was too soft for intercourse. He said, “I have trouble inserting myself, because the tip/head is too soft.”

He had the insert removed, and as a result, lost about 2” in length after.We were able to help after he told us, “ I am looking for a sleeve that can at least get me to where I was originally!”

These are real men who went through penile surgery. Below are other common drawback of penile surgery.

Penis Surgery Drawbacks