• Hole Out The Tip: Has a has a through hole out the tip of its head. Allows for the flow of ejaculate out the sleeve.
  • An Average girth: The girth, measured at mid-shaft, is 5.7 inches
  • Manageable length: This sleeve, from the tip to the base, is 7.2 inches long.
  • Insertable length: Has an insertable length measures about 7 inches
  • Hole Depth/Length: The Maui has an inner hole length of 5.0 inches.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: You have the option to include an Adjustable Inner Rod to create the perfect Maui for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with “The Grip” to help keep your sleeve in place..
  • Repair or Replace Warranty: Buy our $125 Repair or Replace Warranty.

Introducing Maui PA, the innovative support sleeve designed to help men with Erectile Dysfunction achieve the ultimate goal of impregnating their partner. Maui PA Is different from the standard Maui in one Key way, it has a has a through hole out the tip of its head. Like the Maui, it is easy to use and will help you regain your confidence in the bedroom. With its ~7.2" length and ~5.7" girth, Maui PA provides a manageable size, making it an ideal sleeve for couples who are trying to conceive. Its insertable length of about 7" ensures a comfortable and safe experience for both partners. Please click here for more useful information on how to measure yourself for your realistic sleeve.

At RX Sleeve, we understand the importance of quality and safety, which is why we use certified "Skin Safe" Platinum Silicone to design our support sleeves. Maui PA, like all of our products, is available in three skin tones to help you find the perfect match. Our revolutionary Grip System ensures that your sleeve stays in place at all times, giving you the confidence you need to perform at your best.

For added assurance, you can choose to add the Pregnancy Rod, which is a Hollow Adjustable Rod, to your order, providing a perfectly matched sleeve that allows you to penetrate your partner completely, even when you're not fully erect. This feature ensures that you can still conceive naturally, without the need for invasive medical procedures.

Take control of your fertility journey with RX Sleeve and give your partner the gift of life. Order Maui PA today and join the many satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of our innovative products. Don't let Erectile Dysfunction stand in the way of your dreams of starting a family. Choose RX Sleeve and start your journey towards parenthood today.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.

**Sold as a novelty item.

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