The RX Sleeve Warranty 

Looking to repair or replace your penis sleeve from RX Sleeve? Rest easy with the RX Sleeve Repair or Replacement Warranty.

We aim to please by creating the best penis sleeve for you. Our premium sleeves are a safe solution to connecting with your partner intimately again. You may have felt discouraged or alone because you’ve tried many ways to address your ED, including medications or even considering surgery, and nothing seems to be the right option for you.

RX Sleeve wants you to know you’re not alone. We want you to feel comfortable when you purchase your first RX Sleeve and we understand that trying new things, especially in your sex life, can be scary. Therefore, we have created a program that will provide you with the guarantee your model will be a wise choice.

Terms that Apply:
  • By Purchasing the 1 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty, you can return your product, one time during the year, for repair or replacement.

  • The cost for the Warranty is only $125 plus shipping. It is only available when first ordering your best penis sleeve.

  • Please call (833) 735-1888 or email sales@rxsleeve.com prior to sending your product for service.

  • Please wash the product and ship to the following address:


1525 W. 13th, Suite C

Upland, Ca 91786

  • It is important to receive a tracking # when you mail your model to RX Sleeve.
  • Packages that are lost in the mail or confiscated are not the responsibility of RX Sleeve.
  • It is our choice whether to repair or replace a sleeve. If replaced, it will be of the same model and internal hole as received.
  • When your repaired or replaced sleeve is ready to be shipped back, an electronic invoice will be sent to you for the return shipping fee. The shipping fee must be paid before your replacement or repaired product is shipped.

As we mentioned, we want this purchase to be the best penis sleeve you could possibly receive and will do our part to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you have questions, please reach out to us here.

RX Sleeve