Insecurities After Seeing Male Actors Nude

Insecurities After Seeing Male Actors Nude

Even well-endowed men can feel a bit intimidated after seeing male actors nude. That’s why it’s important to remember that what you see on the screen is often far from reality, and that certainly includes TV male nudity!

Sure, some guys are bigger than others, but there’s no need to feel slighted because of a male actor’s larger-than-life appearance on screen. An exceptionally large penis is just that — an exception, and not the norm. Plus, they say the camera adds a few inches (or was it pounds?).

Here’s why you shouldn’t overthink it or even bother comparing yourself with that actor in the first place:

It’s Probably a Prosthetic

The truth is that there’s a good chance that what you’re seeing isn’t actually their real penis at all. When you see male actors nude, there’s a high probability that you’re looking at a prop, not their real appendage. While some actors are fine with full-frontal nudity, it’s much more common to use a penis sleeve or a body double. Today’s prosthetics are remarkably realistic, and don’t underestimate the power of special effects!

You Can Get One Too

So now that you know what’s going on behind the scenes, the good news is that you don’t need to feel insecure, because you’re probably just seeing a prop that’s quite literally larger than life. Best of all, you can order your own prosthetic that delivers the same look (and feel) as when you see male actors nude.

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Movies and TV shows are made to capture and keep the viewer’s attention. Whether it’s an explosion in an action movie, an animal with uncanny acting abilities, or an actor’s unusually large appendage, these scenes are rarely accurate portrayals of the truth. Take everything you see with a grain of salt and don’t let an idealized portrayal of a body make you feel down about yourself.

Next time you see male actors nude, instead of comparing yourself to the actor on the screen, get inspired! You can even get an extra-large penis sleeve if size is your priority. Browse our FAQ and how to wear pages to learn all about our sleeves, or feel free to contact us to talk to an expert.

TV male nudity isn’t always real, but our premium products certainly are. Once you slide it on there will be no doubt! Order your penis sleeve now, and get closer than ever with your partner.