ED and Couples' Therapy

ED and Couples' Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common issue, affecting over 50% of men. While it’s mainly caused by physical health problems like heart disease and diabetes, sometimes it can stem from psychological and emotional issues. Factors like anxiety about sex and communication problems with a partner can lead to ED and ruin an intimate relationship. In these cases, ED couples’ therapy can be helpful.

Most men who only seek medical treatments to deal with erectile dysfunction don’t often learn how to deal with the emotional side of things and improve their relationships. Counseling and sex therapy can help this issue and give you more confidence in your sex life. So what is the connection between ED and relationships? Continue reading as we explore that and more in this article.


What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of couples’ counseling that helps you and your partner resolve sexual issues and build intimacy in your relationship. ED couples’ therapy doesn’t involve sexual contact, but it focuses on discussing your sexual difficulties.

Some may even find talking about their sexual problems with a stranger awkward. However, the therapists will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Once they find the root of your problem, they will help you find ways to overcome them and improve intimacy with your partner, which is essential for effective ED treatment.


Relationship Issues Contributing to ED

Problems in a relationship can lead to erectile dysfunction at any age. ED couples’ therapy can address these problems and help you regain intimacy.

Some of the relational factors that may not allow you to maintain a healthy sex drive include:

  • Not being attracted to your partner anymore
  • Having an ongoing conflict with your partner
  • Having lost trust in your partner due to infidelity
  • Being turned off by something your partner does

Your ED may be the result of any of these issues and more. Whatever the underlying problem is, ED can only make it worse.


What Can You Expect From Sex Therapy for ED?

Now that you know what the connection between ED and your relationship is, you can learn more about what a counseling session entails.

Sex therapy for erectile dysfunction takes a holistic approach to evaluate the problem from all aspects. It’s customized to each couple, and it may include the following:

  • Evaluating your mind-body connection
  • Identifying communication problems with your partner
  • Assessing your expectations and how you view sexuality
  • Evaluating the impact of pornography on your expectations and arousal
  • Improving mindfulness skills to help manage stress and performance anxiety


Benefits of Couples’ Sex Therapy for ED

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Couples therapy offers various benefits to those dealing with ED. Some of these benefits relate to your general sexual health, while others specifically concern your ED. Here are the most notable benefits of sex therapy for those with erectile dysfunction.


Addressing Your Personal Issues

Treatment for ED caused by physical problems is usually the same for all patients. However, ED caused by emotional issues is different for everyone. You might experience it due to a personal complication at a higher degree than others.

ED sex therapy will identify the underlying issue and offer personalized solutions based on your unique needs. It can help you feel more sexually confident in and out of the bedroom by addressing your particular problem.


Facilitating Communication With Your Partner

Have you ever talked to your partner about your wants and needs during sex? Do you know theirs? Talking to your partner about sex can be difficult. However, you need to keep this line of communication open as you age and your wants and desires change.

ED couples’ therapy can help you in this regard. The connection between ED and relationships is what the therapists use to facilitate communication. They will help you better understand yourself. This way, you can communicate more clearly with your partner. By avoiding miscommunications, you can enjoy sex without feeling anxious or pressured.


Redefining Sexuality

Growing up under the influence of media, most men have a very defined idea of what it means to be a man. You have probably felt the pressure too. When the definition of being a man is to show strength and be dominant, the inability to get an erection can ruin one’s self-esteem. ED therapy can help you redefine masculinity so you won’t feel pressured all the time. By defining sexuality in a way that is authentic to you, you can improve your relationships and avoid ED.


Addressing Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a psychological stressor most men experience at some point. It turns sex into an out-of-body experience where you constantly worry about things like maintaining an erection or satisfying your partner. This anxiety can become so severe to prevent you from getting an erection.

ED couples’ therapy can help you break the cycle of performance anxiety and stay in your body during intimate moments. This calmness will create more enjoyable experiences for both you and your partner.


Does Sex Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

A woman talking at a couples’ therapy sessions

Now that you know what the connection between ED and your relationship is, you may have one final question. Can therapy treat your sexual dysfunction? You can find that answer in several studies. For instance, a study evaluating the effects of sex therapy on ED in 36 couples found 69.4% effectiveness.

Another study in 2020 examined the effects of cognitive behavioral sex therapy on young men with ED. The researchers found that sex therapy helped improve erection scores while reducing the severity of the dysfunction. They also found that counseling had similar effectiveness to an ED medication called sildenafil.

While more research is needed to confirm the effects of sex therapy on erectile dysfunction, current evidence suggests a positive relationship exists between the two.


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By knowing what the connection between ED and relationship is, you can take action and improve your sex life. There is no harm in trying ED couples therapy. It might just be what you need to battle your sexual dysfunction. So start searching for sex therapists in your area. You can contact your insurance provider for recommendations or consider online sex therapy.

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