How To Feel More Sexually Confident In And Out Of The Bedroom

How To Feel More Sexually Confident In And Out Of The Bedroom

Admit it, there’s not much better than feeling sexy and desirable. On the flip side, feeling undesirable can cause you a world of hurt. Maybe you’re loving someone with low confidence and can tell how this negatively impacts your relationship, both in the bedroom and in the real world. What you probably already know, but it never hurts to hear again, is that feeling your absolute sexiest usually requires >healthy lifestyle changes that take some time to adjust to. There are several key steps you can take if you’re trying to figure out how to feel more sexually confident.

Exercise: First up on ‘how to feel more sexually confident‘ is exercising. A simple way to increase your confidence in and out of the bedroom is to start incorporating exercise into your life. Working out is paramount in achieving all the good feels. Sweating releases endorphins in your brain and actually creates a healthy, high-like feeling that will supply you with great energy and even put you in a better mood instantaneously. It’s hard to argue the point that being in a good mood is sexy! Besides from the weight loss and tightness benefits, the good mood your workout generates will make you more attractive.

If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t really look forward to exercise. It feels like a chore that you have to check off your list. In this case, ease into it slowly. Maybe you take a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park, or perhaps you sign up for an online yoga class. Either way, get moving and sweating and see how this almost immediately boosts your confidence!


Fruits and vegetables on a wooden table.

Eating Well: If you’re trying to figure out how to feel more sexually confident but you have a cheeseburger and soda in your hand, the answer is clear. Changing your eating habits isn’t easy, we know. But the rewards you’ll reap from doing so are truly endless. Being healthy is sexy. One of the best ways for how to be more confident in bed is to make conscious changes to your diet. 

Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Too many people have a misconception about eating right, believing that the only way to have a healthy diet is to sacrifice delicious food. This is comically untrue! Play with plant based recipes you find online and spend some quality time home cooking in your kitchen. The love that goes into home cooked, healthy food will inspire unbelievable confidence that will lead to a more fulfilling (sex) life. Keep in mind, when you feel your best, you look your best.

Try Out A Penis Sleeve: If you suffer from ED, there’s no doubt it’s taken a hard toll on your confidence, particularly in the bedroom. A helpful step to take when investigating how to feel more confident is to try out a realistic penis sleeve. Technology has made it possible for people with ED to enjoy sex with a partner, allowing your confidence in the bedroom to soar. As we all know, confidence in the bedroom pours over into confidence outside of the bedroom, (and vice versa). Take the appropriate measures to restore intimacy with your partner and see how it positively impacts your confidence levels.

The most important thing to remember is to take it easy on yourself. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with an unrealistic diet and exercise routine that you get burnt out on quickly. Be a good friend to yourself and approach changes with compassion and patience. Whether you have low confidence or you’re loving someone with low confidence, try to be a positive force in the life of everyone you meet. There can never be too much of this type of energy circulating!