• Large Girth: The girth, measured at mid-shaft, is 7.0”.
  • Long Length: This sleeve, from the tip to the base, is 8.0” long.
  • Insertable Length: Its insertable length measures about 7.6"
  • Hole Length: The Kona has an inner hole length of 6.0 inches.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: You have the option to include an Adjustable Inner Rod to perfect the fit of your Kona.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with our patented harness system known as “The Grip” to help keep this girthy penis sleeve in place.
  • Repair or Replace Warranty: Want some peace of mind? Add our $125 Repair or Replace Warranty.

The Kona is a realistic, 8-inch penis sleeve that’s designed to be a natural solution to ED. Ideal for experienced couples seeking something more on the adventurous side, the Kona is one of our largest sleeves, with an especially substantial girth all the way around.

Like all of our penis sleeves, the Kona is made from certified skin-safe platinum silicone, and it’s available in your choice of firm or soft. Firm is ideal for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection, while soft is suitable for men who can maintain an erection.

This girthy penis sleeve is available in three tones: Caramel, Cocoa, and Vanilla. We recommend checking our sizing guide to ensure the right fit. Be sure to add our Adjustable Inner Rod for only $40—it fills out the air gap for a snug fit that prevents too much bending and flexing during use.

ED happens! Don’t let it stand in the way of a fulfilling sex life. Add the Kona to your cart with full confidence now.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.

**Sold as a novelty item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lubbock, Texas

The Rxsleeve has exceeded my expectations in helping me. Thank you thank you for exchanging the model for me. On the road most days so it took awwhile, but tried it out... I am good now

Aubrey, WY

good afternoon my name is the other Aubrey my husband recently had his prostateremoved. Dan recommended the Kona for usthank you so much

Bruce, AZ

Hello! I got the items. They are of excellent quality, but alas it seems I should have gone with either softer material or bigger hole. The material is much harder than in the sleeve that I took the hole measurement from and they are unusable for me. I know I took the risk so this is not about that but wonder if I can enlarge my hole myself? Can I have a discount if I order another model?

Charles Chesapeake, Virginia

I've tried other products in the past, but the Rxsleeve is the only one that has worked for me. It's easy to use, and I'm very satisfied with the results.

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