• Extra-large length and girth. Its length is about 8.5 inches and the girth is ~7.0 inches.
  • Curved Erection. The realistic penis sleeve comes with a curved erection to help stimulate and strengthen intercourse experiences.
  • Insertable Length: Its insertable length is about 7.3"
  • Inner rod add-on. If there is air space in the inner hole, RX Sleeve offers an inner rod to help fill the gap for full functionality.
  • Choice of firmness. Our skin-safe silicone material comes with different firmness options for your customization.
  • Paracord harness strap. The ~8.5-inch penis sleeve is equipped with a paracord harness strap, The Grip, to ensure placement security during sexual encounters.

The Knight ~8.5-inch penis sleeve is created with a natural, life-like look and feel so that men experiencing ED can have a normal sexual experience with their partner. The realistic penis comes in three different color shades, Cocoa, Vanilla, and Natural.

RX Sleeve is a company that focuses on men who struggle with the loss of sexual intimacy due to ED. We understand the pain you have gone through and are here to help customize and build a new penis so that may can enjoy sexual pleasures with your partner again.

Our goal is to promote revitalized sex for both people. Therefore, we offer customization on all penis sleeves to fit the needs of everyone.

Use a flexible tape measure to find your right fit, and add The Knight ~8.5-inch penis sleeve to your shopping cart. Don't let ED continue to dampen your sexual experiences!

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.

**Sold as a novelty item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
El Paso, Texas

So I am the guy with PE so I worry when it comes time. As your ad says, "I feel more confident and intimate with my partner.". True

Boston, Massachusetts

Curve , curve, and thinkness and thickeness hit the stop That what I can say. Be came again.

Norfolk, Virginia

It took 2 tries to get the right sleeve.. The exchange fee was not fun, but okay I am getting the job done.

St. Louis, Missouri

The Rxsleeve has made a big difference for me. It's easy to use, and my partner is happy with me. As you member my wife was not happy with my issue and I believe she was speaking to another man at her work. It was a long story, but I realized that my lack of confience and avoiding her caused thing to get worse. Well maybe mostly in my mind.

David Dallas, TX

I am 56 yr old married guy with 3 kids in reasonably good shape and ive hardly ever taken the time to send in a testimonial for any product, but this is no ordinary product. To begin with, there probably isnt a single guy alive who hasnt yearned for a bigger d and this product will blow your freakin mind! now enters RX Sleeve to the rescue!This company has found a way to customize every last detail of your dream cock in a very discreet way so that nobody else will know about your situation. When I first began my quest to find something that would help me with myoccasional ED issues, I was extremely nervous to spend so much money on a customized sleeve so I looked into their standard models on their website thinking that one of them would be perfect. I emailed Dan and he suggested one of their new line of Extenders called the Stallion, which came with a much better designed harness system that would provide the kind of support that I truly needed. When my Stallion arrived and I put that sleeve on, my p- c was finally born! And with their new belt harness system I was able to secure it for an absolutely perfect fit.If youve been searching for the right companyto trust with your hard-earned dollars, between their amazing quality products and award-winning customer service, RX Sleeve simply cant be beat!

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