“Winter Penis”: Effects of Winter Weather on Erections

“Winter Penis”: Effects of Winter Weather on Erections

Winter is coming and the deflating truth is that cold weather can have adverse effects on an erection. This is mostly just your body acting like the brilliant bio-computer that it is, making sure you maintain a healthy and regulated temperature. Thanks a lot, you might be thinking. In related bad news, cold weather can make it more difficult for men to reach heightened sensation during foreplay and sex, causing a delay in responsiveness.

Don’t panic. We’re here with several tips and tricks we encourage you to try out to get a handle on your penis’ habit of shriveling up during the colder months of the year. Winter penis is real but there are effective ways to cope with this issue.


Ah, the thing that everyone tells us we should do but that we rarely can become motivated to carve out the time for. We can’t stress this one enough. Exercise, especially cardio, will serve to increase your blood flow and get your body pumping— your whole body. There are undeniable positive effects and benefits to reap from exercise. One of these is a penis that isn’t struggling from freeze-shrinking. Go for a run, get your blood pumping, and revel in the positive effects your workout has on your pesky winter penis issue.

Not to mention, exercise has been proven to increase libido in men. If that’s not incentive enough to get a gym membership, we don’t know what is. Give your body the nourishment it needs and your penis will be engorged with gratitude in no time.

Try Out a Realistic Penis Sleeve

ED is a debilitating issue that can wreak considerable havoc on a man’s confidence. This issue doesn’t exclusively take place in the winter, but winter penis can result in difficulty to maintain an erection. Take charge of your sexual health and wellness and try a realistic penis sleeve. RX Sleeve offers a wide variety of realistic penis sleeves for men struggling with ED. Don’t let cold weather get in the way of a fulfilling sex life. RX Sleeve’s realistic penis sleeves will leave your partner satisfied every time.

Get Cozy

Roaring fireplace in cozy setting

Winter is the time to cozy up with your partner — not a time for winter penis and trouble with maintaining erections. Make your living environment conducive to arousal. A toasty room makes winter penis a non-issue. Make use of your fireplace and celebrate the beauty of intimacy with your partner. Don’t have a fireplace? Invest in a space heater.

Wear underwear that supports blood flow and makes your penis feel secure. We recommend switching from loose-fitting boxers to more form-fitting boxer briefs. Winter penis will be hard-pressed to find you when you’re decked out in deliciously cozy cotton and layered up with clothing that keeps you warm and makes you look and feel good. Treat yourself to a few new articles of clothing this winter.

Winter penis is no match for the man who is willing to make these easy adjustments during the colder months of the year. Don’t allow your sex life to suffer just because it’s going to be chilly outside.

Remember, it’s natural for shrinkage to occur during the winter and you’re not alone if you experience even up to 50% shrinking of your member. Get a handle on your winter penis before the first snowfall.