What Vitamins Are Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

What Vitamins Are Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

Wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction? Millions of people are suffering from erectile dysfunction every year. While you can always run out to the doctor and start paying for pills you’ll probably never get off of, you can also try some healthier alternative methods.

Here are several ED vitamins that are good for erectile dysfunctions, what they do in the body, and how they can help.

What Vitamins are Good for Erectile Dysfunction

You don’t have to just take subscription medicine in order to help your erectile dysfunction issues. Stick with a more natural route first to see if you can change the behavior without having to depend on medication where you’ll spend more on doctor bills.

So if you’re wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction here are some of the most popular:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • L-arginine
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B9

Keep in mind these aren’t exactly replacements for prescription medication, like Viagra, because they won’t be as concentrated. But if you’re looking for a healthier way to enhance your bedroom issues, this ED vitamin might be what you need.

Vitamin D

There have been studies conducted that show a large percentage of people suffering from erectile dysfunction also have been deficient in Vitamin D.

Newer studies are beginning to show the links of Vitamin D with testosterone levels. So if you’re wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction, Vitamin D might just be the ticket.

By increasing levels of Vitamin D, you also may be increasing levels of testosterone which could help with achieving full erection.

Not only will a healthy serving of Vitamin D everyday help with testosterone levels, it will also have a significant impact on your healthy levels of bone health and your immune system.

If you would rather take Vitamin D with your meals you can eat more fish, cheese, egg yolks, or mushrooms.

Vitamin C

The sun providing Vitamin C

Although there have been no direct links to Vitamin C helping with erectile dysfunction, that doesn’t mean it can play a big role in helping you achieve an erection.

Anytime your body has an erection, there is a release of nitric oxide that makes the action happen. Vitamin C does not produce more nitric acid on its own, but it does help open up the pathways in order for nitric oxide to be released.

Since there aren’t really any negative side effects of Vitamin C, it is worth implementing into your daily routine to see if it can make a difference.

If it doesn’t help you ED, at least you will improve your body’s growth, repair, and development of body tissues.

Foods like cantaloupe, berries, citrus fruits, watermelon, cabbage, and spinach all contain healthy amounts of Vitamin C if you’d rather integrate it into your daily meals.


Along the same lines as Vitamin C, L-arginine actually does help the production of nitric acid in the body which will help if you’re wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction.

Nitric acid actually helps dilate blood vessels, which ultimately helps increase blood flow and circulation—the two systems that help you achieve an erection.

The only real consideration when taking L-arginine is the levels of nitric acid your body normally produces. Unless there is some kind of deficiency in nitric acid levels, your body won’t be that affected by L-arginine.

Stick with foods like pumpkin seeds, watermelon, nuts & seeds, meat, legumes, or seaweed if you want to ingest L-arginine naturally in your diet.

Vitamin B3

You’ll be happy to hear that vitamin B3 is one of the ED vitamins that have had studies show it has a direct influence on the increase of erections for those suffering from ED.

So if you’re wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction, then try starting with vitamin B3. This vitamin is also known as niacin and it helps to decrease your blood pressure, as well as loosen arteries for high cholesterol.

Blood pressure and the hardening of your arteries are two well known causes of erectile dysfunction, so if any doctors have diagnosed the issue as such, try out this vitamin to help.

Vitamin B3 is more common in chicken breast, tuna, turkey, avocado, and green peas so you can always add a little more of these to your diet if you’re trying to up your intake.

Vitamin B9

Much like vitamin B3, vitamin B9 helps the body with blood flow by reducing the hardening of the arteries. Since cardiovascular disease has been shown to be a major factor in erectile dysfunction, those wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction should include vitamin B9.

You should take this vitamin daily in order to achieve the desired results, and it can even help improve your mood by stabilizing any mood swings.

If you’d rather be taking your vitamin B9 through your diet, here is a list of foods that can help:

  • Eggs
  • Citrus fruits
  • Beets
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados
  • Legumes
  • Bananas
  • Broccoli
  • Papaya
  • Cereals

Too much vitamin B9 can lead to bloating and gas, as well as restless sleep, so make sure to monitor your daily limits to stay within the healthy range.

Take ED Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction

Although ED vitamins aren’t going to work nearly as well as prescribed medication, anyone wondering what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction can turn to the list above to get the best answers.