What Are Dry Orgasms?

What Are Dry Orgasms?

It’s more common than you might think. Dry orgasms aren’t what men are typically used to, but they aren’t necessarily a sign of concern either. The good news is that depending on the source of the issue, you may be able to fix it altogether.

Here’s what dry orgasms are, what causes them, and what you can do if it’s happening to you.

What Are Dry Orgasms?

A dry orgasm, or an ejaculation, is when a male reaches climax, but there isn’t any semen that comes out. There are several reasons why a dry orgasm may occur, and they could also lead to temporary, long-term, or even permanent problems.

If you’re wondering what dry orgasms are, you’ll be happy to know there aren’t any major personal health concerns you should be worried about. However, it may affect your ability to have children. With no semen, there isn’t any chance of impregnating a partner.

The other consequence to think about is the mental factor of not releasing semen during orgasm. This could be an embarrassing issue to bring up to a long-term partner, let alone someone you are just dating.

Why Do Dry Orgasms Occur?

Two of the most common cases of dry orgasms are prostate removal surgery or bladder surgery.

Your prostate is where the semen is produced and stored. Without them, you will not be able to produce sperm and will have a dry climax.

Bladder surgeries are a little different, and what ends up happening is the neck of the bladder never closes during ejaculation. Instead of your sperm traveling through the urethra, it goes back into your bladder. While this may not be desirable, it poses no real potential harm to your body. You will, however, have cloudy pee, because the urine will be mixed with semen.

There are also a number of other reasons why you may be experiencing dry orgasms.

  • Nerve damage from spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes.
  • Prescribed medications for enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, or mood disorders.
  • Blocked sperm duct.
  • Radiotherapy.
  • Genetic disorder.
  • Testosterone deficiency.

The best solution for finding out what may be wrong is heading to your doctor and having them run some tests.

Is it Unhealthy to Have a Dry Orgasm?

It is not physically unhealthy to have a dry climax depending on the cause. In most cases, there is no pain or other side effect that happens due to a dry orgasm.

There is some mental strain and stress you may encounter if you have been having regular orgasms and have just started experiencing dry orgasms. This may be heightened if you have a new partner or feel embarrassed in a certain situation.

The difference in Retrograde Ejaculation and Dry Orgasm

A retrograde orgasm is what was described earlier when the semen goes back into the bladder, because the neck of the bladder does not close. Without a proper understanding of what’s happening in your body, it is easy to confuse a dry climax with a retrograde orgasm, but they are not one and the same.

Any kind of surgery to the bladder that may have damaged the neck could cause this issue as well as taking specific types of prescribed medication like alpha-blockers. The easiest way to determine if this is happening is to look at your pee to see if it looks cloudy or clear.

If it is cloudy, then you know the semen has backed up into the bladder and is coming out of your urethra.

How to Treat Dry Orgasms

Man and woman in bed

Treatment for dry orgasms will depend entirely on the cause of the problem. Your first step will be to head to your doctor and have them run a series of tests. They will check your penis, rectum, and prostate, as well as ask you a number of questions regarding your dry climax.

In some cases, to rule out retrograde ejaculation, the doctor will give you a cup to pee in after you’ve masturbated. This helps them see if the pee is cloudy, which means the semen went into your bladder.

The doctor could, at this point, perform more tests or send you off to see a specialist. Once you get the problem diagnosed, then you can start with treatment.

If it turns out the dry orgasms are due to medication, you may need to wait till you’re off medication or seek alternatives that won’t have a side effect on your semen.

If the dry climax is due to an increase in mental stress, you may need to find meditative exercises that can help your mental state.

Living With Dry Orgasms

Dry orgasms pose no real potential threat to your body, but they can be discouraging or even embarrassing in front of partners. Your best option for finding treatment is to head to a doctor’s office and receive a diagnosis to determine what’s actually happening. From there, you should have a deeper understanding of what’s happening with your body and what you can do about it.