Reclaim Your Sex Life Through Open Communication

If you have been in your relationship for awhile you probably think that you already know all about your partner or spouse. This assumption is what is most problematic in most relationships. You believe you know what they want, need and enjoy so you never bother to ask. 

One of the biggest factors in improving your love life and your sex with each other is to actually get to know each other all over again. Forget what you think they like in bed, start exploring as if you were entering into the relationship for the first time. This may seem a little odd at first, however you will soon find out what you want from the relationship with regards to sex as well as what their desires really are. 


Talking with your partner or spouse about what they enjoy in sex and what they have always been curious about but haven’t tried yet is an important first step. It may be difficult to get the conversation started but with a few tips you will be able to get a clearer picture of what you want and what they want, as well as any fantasy sexual desires you may have. 

The following are tips to having a conversation about sex with your partner:

  • Talk about why the conversation is occurring – explaining you want to make your sex life better gives a clear meaning to the conversation.
  • Talk about your fantasy sex life as well as ask the partner for theirs.
  • Never be judgmental in a negative way or they won’t share ideas and their true needs, wants and desires.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more information in a loving and supportive way.
  • Give and listen so they will listen and give information to you.
  • Start with one thing; you don’t have to discuss everything at one time. As you both build up a comfort level with this type of discussion you can become more detailed and specific in the information you share. 
  • Don’t have the discussion in the middle of sex. Have this conversation when you are both relaxed and in a positive mental state. 
  • Keep the information private. Don’t share your partner’s fantasies with your friends or theirs, this is a real trust breaker. 
  • Incorporate what they want and what you want into each sexual encounter as it makes sense. You don’t have to make every sexual encounter into a fantasy night, but you now know how to add that extra spark when the time and mood is right. 
  • Don’t shut your partner down when they want to talk, especially if this has been something you haven’t done in the past. 

This can be a bit awkward for you both at first, but with practice and an improvement in your sex life it will become a part of your intimate relationship that just keeps building on.


There are a wealth of articles in men’s and women’s magazines all about how to keep your lover satisfied, new sex techniques and even the top ten ways to turn on a man or a woman. With this kind of readily available information in print and online, finding new ideas for the bedroom isn’t difficult for any couple. 

Just remember a few basics when planning new ideas, lovemaking techniques or even sexual positions:

  • Comfort levels and zones
    Not everyone is comfortable with a variety of sexual activities. Some people are turned off by different sexual activities that may seem very exciting or even desirable to you. Talking with your partner and discovering both your comfort level as well as theirs should allow you to make modifications to any sexual activity to keep you both happy and satisfied. 
  • Fitness level
    Some of the new ideas for the bedroom may involve a fairly high standard of both fitness and flexibility. If you or your partner aren’t quite there yet this can be a goal you work towards together. Also, just like the comfort level, modifying the sexual position or the technique to match your fitness levels can allow you to enjoy the experience without the pain of pulled muscles, bad backs or aching arms or legs. 
  • Pace yourself
    If you are entering into a new part of your improved sexual relationship keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything new all at once. There is still time for the old favorite sexual positions and activities, don’t forget that they are just as pleasurable as the new and improved techniques you may want to explore. 
  • Don’t feel pressured
    Lots of couples don’t need new techniques or toys, they just need to have more of an emotional and physical connection than they have had in the past. Don’t be pressured to stay up with the latest sex position or technique, rather try new things or stay with the tried and true, after all it is your pleasure and satisfaction that counts, not what some editor in a magazine thinks. 

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Just because you have ED doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a sexual life. It’s time to enjoy sex again, even with erectile dysfunction and impotence issues.