Is Topical ED Cream Effective?

Is Topical ED Cream Effective?

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction and searching high and low for alternative ways to help regain your full erection? There are different options a man can try to help with recovering a satisfying sex life.

Reasons and Current Treatments for ED

The majority of men will experience ED symptoms at some point in life. There are several reasons why ED occurs. Sometimes it is physical, like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, or injury. Other times it is psychological due to past negative sexual experiences. Whatever the reason for the ED symptoms, men are eager to correct them and get back to normal sexual experiences.

Some options for treating ED are medications, injections, diet changes, exercises, supplements, and medical procedures. These have shown positive impacts on minimizing or reversing erectile dysfunction in men.

Topical Creams

Another option that has started to have some talk is topical ED creams. Some topical vasodilator creams for ED show positive results with increasing the blood flow to the penis, allowing a fuller, more prolonged erection to occur.

There have been several studies on these topical creams for erectile dysfunction, and the results have been beneficial for the alprostadil cream. The current use for alprostadil cream is a penile injection or suppository for men in the U.S.

Although some countries allow the selling and use of these creams, the FDA in the U.S. does not approve nor support the use of ED creams. There is not enough research conducted on them, and not all ingredients are listed in the formulas to know the safety risks and side effects of using the creams for erectile dysfunction.

The Final Answer

The answer to our question is: Yes, ed creams do positively impact symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, if you live in the U.S., you will have to find other options available for purchase until an approved topical vasodilator cream for ED is available.

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How RX Sleeve Can Help

RX Sleeve understands how sensitive and difficult it is for a man to go through the season of erectile dysfunction. For some men, reversing ED is very quick, but it can take much longer for others. Regardless of the time it takes to recover from ED symptoms, RX Sleeve wants you to continue to have satisfying intimate moments with your loved one.

We specialize in helping men supplement their erections with customized, realistic penis sleeves. Our penis sleeves come with a harness paracord to secure placement during sexual encounters. We offer inner rods to help bridge the air gap when a full erection is impossible. Design your made-to-order penis sleeve with you and your partner’s needs in mind.

You don’t have to wait for the FDA to approve an ED cream to get your sex life back. Buy our penis sleeve for men with ED and reignite passionate sex between you and your partner!