How to Use a Penis Sleeve

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

Do you struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED) or performance issues? You are not alone. ED affects over 30 million men just in the USA! RX Sleeve wants to help by introducing you to our easy-to-use realistic-looking penis sleeves. 

You can regain confidence in your sex life and restore intimacy with your partner by using a penis sleeve. Take control of your sexual health with our incredible assortment of realistic penis sleeves. Continue reading to learn how to use a penis sleeve from RX Sleeve.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

We need to explain what a penis sleeve is before we teach you how to put one on correctly. A penis sleeve is an answer to the ED and intimacy problems you’ve been having in your new stage of life. All of our sleeves at RX Sleeves are realistic cylindrical penis imitations that you can place over your penis. 

Penis sleeves are intended to fight the pesky problems that come with aging and keep you and your partner satisfied in your sex life. Our penis sleeves come with a revolutionary harness system. Many of our customers who know how to use a penis sleeve, appreciate this system for the extra boost of confidence it gives them.

Should I Try a Penis Sleeve?

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction that’s making your sex life less satisfactory? A penis sleeve could be right for you for several different reasons. Using a penis sleeve can help you if you suffer from decreased libido, diabetes, genital injury, hypertension, and medication interactions that make maintaining an erection difficult. It’s also helpful for people with a micro penis or prostate cancer. 

Additionally, our penis sleeves can help relieve performance anxiety and restore confidence in the bedroom. If you suffer from any of these conditions, a penis sleeve from RX Sleeve could be the answer you’ve been waiting for to improve your sex life. Our sleeves are designed with your happiness in mind. If you know how to use a penis sleeve correctly, you can achieve that happiness and much more. 

How Does a Penis Sleeve Work?

If you want to know how to put on a penis sleeve correctly, you must learn how this device works. Our penis sleeves work by slipping over your penis, allowing you to always have a sizable erection to enjoy intercourse. 

The penis sleeve is essentially an extension of your penis. It allows you to eliminate all sexual performance anxieties surrounding ED and other issues preventing you from having confidence in the bedroom.

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

Our penis sleeves are intentionally easy-to-use. We believe you’ve struggled enough with your ED, and now we want to make penetration a breeze. 

  • To use your penis sleeve, pour an adequate amount of lube into your palm. 
  • Apply it generously around the hole and loop. 
  • Next, stretch the loop and maneuver your testicles into the lubricated hole with caution. 
  • Slide your penis into the shaft hole and adjust the position of your sleeve for utmost comfort and effectiveness in penetration by using the drawstring.

Experience Intimacy With RX Sleeve

Using a penis sleeve is easier than you think. RX Sleeve products are the answer to the end of performance anxiety in your sex life. Find the penis sleeve that’s right for you today. 

Now that you know how to use a penis sleeve, don’t wait to satisfy your partner with the most appreciated gusto. Give your partner (and yourself!) the gift of intimacy today. Check out our fully customizable penis sleeves to find the one that’s right for you.


What are your penis sleeves made of?

We offer handcrafted silicone penis sleeves with premium skin-safe silicone. This high-quality material gives the sleeves a realistic appearance and a natural texture. You can also request an adjustable inner rod if you’re beginning to learn how to put on a penis sleeve. This rod will make the sleeve simulate a solid state and amplify your pleasure.

What colors and sizes are available?

If you want to know how to use a penis sleeve for the most realistic experience, you’ve come to the right place! We offer sleeves in three skin tones. You can choose Vanilla, Caramel, or Coco. They also come in various sizes and firmness levels. You can get a custom penis sleeve for the perfect fit

Will penis sleeves change the sensation during sex?

Using a penis sleeve allows you to satisfy your partner and regain intimacy. The sensation levels for you will vary depending on other factors, like an underlying medical condition. Many of our customers say that they can still feel an enjoyable stimulation.

Should I wear a condom with my penis sleeve?

You should still wear a condom to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Condoms will also make it faster and easier to clean the sleeve. Beyond that, it’s not necessary to wear a condom with your penis sleeve. After you learn how to properly use a penis sleeve, you can decide whether to use a condom with it or not.