Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

ED can complicate, if not destroy, a man's sex life. It is natural for men battling ED to find various ways to try to reverse its effects. In addition to medications and diet, pelvic floor exercises for erectile dysfunction have shown very positive results.

RX Sleeve works with men struggling with ED to bring back their sex life. We help men re-engage sexually through the use of realistic penis sleeves. Our penis sleeves are supplements for men who lack full erections. In addition to our strap-ons, we suggest men use pelvic floor exercises to gain strength back in blood flow and maintain longer erections.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Combat ED

Pelvic floor or Kegel exercises for erectile dysfunction are among the best ways to help reinstate healthy erections. Begin using these four styles of pelvic floor exercises today and start regaining strength in yourself and your sex life.

Before doing Kegel exercises, take time to identify your pelvic floor muscles, so you know where to pinpoint attention during routines.

1. Chair

Sit in a comfortable position in a chair. Squeeze your penis muscles for five seconds. Then, release. Repeat these steps for your exercise routine for erectile dysfunction.

2. Sitting

Sit on the floor with your hands at your sides, knees bent, and feet flat, hip-width apart. Contract your pelvic muscles for three seconds, release for three seconds, and repeat for your routine amount.

3. Standing

Stand up straight and put your feet hip-width apart with your hands at your sides. Initiate pelvic muscles for a count of three, and then release for three. Repeat the process for the duration of your routine count.

4. Lying Down

Lay down with your back flat, hands at your sides, knees bent, and your feet flat, hip-width apart. Focus on your kegel muscles and squeeze for a count of three, release for three counts, and re-engage until you finish your pelvic floor exercise routine for erectile dysfunction.


Exercise Reminders

Pelvic floor exercises are easy to do in almost any place. Here are a few key reminders when performing the exercises for erectile dysfunction.

  • Breath! Always remember to breathe while you exercise. It is easy to get caught up in the pelvic muscles and forget the oxygen needed to keep them moving.
  • Start slow. Just like an intimate relationship, exercise needs slow TLC at first. Start with five reps once or twice a day for each activity. As you build your muscles and routine, add more reps. Your whole training routine should end up consisting of 10-20 reps two to three times per day for each exercise.
  • Focus on what you are tightening. It is easy to start working your thigh, butt, and stomach muscles, so keep focused on the pelvic floor muscles contracting only.

RX Sleeve knows that, in addition to exercises for erectile dysfunction, men will need realistic penis sleeves to help maintain full erections. Having a strap-on penis while going through the journey of pelvic floor exercising will allow you to feel successful in both reversing ED and rejuvenating your sexual experiences with your partner. Try our penis sleeves to start getting the TLC back in your relationship!