ED in Diabetics

ED in Diabetics

Both diabetes and ED are on the rise in the United States and even globally, but are they linked? Read on to discover the various ways ED in diabetics is more troublesome. 

Studies suggest that men with diabetes are 50% more likely to experience ED than men without. ED is common as men age, however, men with either type of diabetes, (type 1 or type 2), are more prone to develop ED anywhere from five to ten years earlier than men without. 

There are many reasons men experience ED, some physical and others psychological. ED, in diabetics and others, can be a result of a vascular issue, meaning there is insufficient blood being directed to the penis, or emotional issues such as depression or anxiety. Many men struggle with issues of ED, and the root can be a disheartening cocktail of a variety of physical and emotional issues.

Diabetes occurs when there’s an excessive amount of glucose, or sugar, in the bloodstream, thus damaging small blood vessels. When this occurs in the penis, it makes it more difficult for men to achieve or sustain an erection. Diabetes can indicate low testosterone levels in males, a hormone that plays a pivotal role in the sexual function of men. When you experience low testosterone levels, it’s almost guaranteed that your sex drive takes a hit.

There are also links between the diagnosis of diabetes and depression levels. Getting an upsetting and life-altering diagnosis such as diabetes means many lifestyle changes that can often result in stress, anxiety, and depression. Depression can be tough to shake and frequently can lead to performance issues in the bedroom, including ED. If you’re struggling with depression due to an upsetting diagnosis, you are not alone. Make sure you reach out and get the help you need.

If you’re a man who experiences both diabetes (either type) and ED, it’s a good idea to have a discussion with your doctor about various lifestyle changes that you can make to help alleviate your symptoms. Oftentimes, change in diet and exercise can help positively affect (though not necessarily cure) these issues. Try cutting out highly processed foods, alcohol, and anything with a high or added sugar content, and see if taking a daily walk has a positive effect on your body and mind.

Neither diabetes nor ED means the end of your sex life as you knew it. There are tons of options for men struggling with these conditions to find their confidence in the bedroom yet again. As a means of healthily dealing with type one or type two diabetes sexual health concerns, many men are finding great success with realistic penis sleeves to restore intimacy in the bedroom. Browse RX Sleeve’s collection of realistic penis sleeves here and find out why couples are raving about the newfound sexual satisfaction it’s opening them up to in their lives.