Common Questions Answered

Common Questions Answered

If you’re suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, a prosthetic penis from RX Sleeve is a great alternative to taking medications that have terrible side effects. If you’re looking into buying a custom sleeve or one from our catalogue, it’s natural to have a few questions. How do I know what the right size for me is? How do I measure?How do I use it? These are all important things you should be asking before you invest in a penis sleeve. Here are some common questions we get from customers when they’re looking into purchasing a penis sleeve to mitigate the effects of their ED.

How do I measure myself for a penis sleeve?

This is perhaps the most important question we get. To get a proper fit and have the best experience with your penis sleeve, you need to measure yourself properly. Make sure you have a soft, or flexible measuring tape on hand or a shoelace to get your measurements.

First, measure your girth with the tape measure by wrapping it around the penis. Next, measure your length by starting at the base of your penis and extending to the tip.

How will my partner feel about the penis sleeve?

Having erectile dysfunction can put a barrier between couples, but a penis sleeve has helped loads of couples reclaim their sex life and get intimate again. Our customers have left rave reviews about how much their partners have loved the penis enhancement sleeve and never want to go back.

If you’re considering your partner, be sure to talk to them about what their wants and needs are as well to get the best experience with your penis sleeve.

Is it comfortable?

Our sleeves are designed for optimal comfort and are made with premium silicone to suit your specific needs, and the harness that comes with the sleeve can be customized for every body shape. At RX Sleeve, we’ve taken the time to develop a product that is comfortable and functional, but be sure to accurately measure yourself when purchasing. A poor-fitting penis sleeve is never going to be comfortable, no matter how well-made it is! So, if you buy the proper size for your body or go custom, you’ll be comfortable in your sleeve.

Do I need to wear protection?

This varies from relationship to relationship. If you’re using your penis sleeve with multiple partners, you should wear a condom to protect from any sexually transmitted diseases. The penis sleeve can handle wearing condoms and won’t affect the sleeve in any way.

Should I go custom or shop from your pre-made sleeves?

This one is really up to you. Both options are great! If you want something designed specifically for the unique needs of your body, go custom. You can choose the specific shape, girth, length, color and more. But if you want to keep things a little simpler for yourself, shop our collection that has a wide variety of shapes and sizes for everyone.