7 Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

7 Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

It’s common that over a man’s lifetime they may experience a problem with sensitivity in their most sensitive areas. If this is happening to you, there’s no need to freak out, because there are natural solutions you can use to increase penis sensitivity.

In this post, we’ll show you exactly what could be leading to a lack of feeling in your genital area and how to make your penis more sensitive.

Increase Friction

One reason you may be experiencing issues is that there isn’t enough friction when you’re having intercourse.

Some lube is always good to get you both in the mood and ready for sex but too much lube, and you probably won’t be able to feel anything.

To counteract this issue, try pouring the lube on your hand first before tending to yourself or your partner. It will help you understand how much you’re using, so you can adjust the amount throughout your sexual experience to increase penis sensitivity.

Change the Position

It could be that the position you are using isn’t creating enough feeling, and it’s time to mix things up to learn how to make your penis more sensitive.

You want to experiment with different sexual positions to see which ones are creating more friction so that you can increase penis sensitivity.

Stop Frequent Masturbation

The more you masturbate, the more friction and stimulation you are causing for your penis.

If you frequently continue this process, you are desensitizing your penis and causing yourself to need more and more friction to achieve an orgasm.

Try lowering the frequency in which you are masturbating so that you can increase penis sensitivity again, and you won’t need as much stimulation to get the job done.

Find Alternative Medications

If you are taking specific meditations, these could be lowering your overall sensitivity and causing you to underperform in the bedroom.

Check the side effects of your medication to see if this is the case, and you can even consult your doctor to learn if the medications you are taking are causing the issue.

If the medication you are taking is the culprit, have a conversation with your doctor on what alternative medications you can try to increase penis sensitivity.

Give your body at least a week or two before determining if the new medication is actually working, because you will need some time to detox the previous medication in your system.

Don’t Sit For Too Long

Your perineum and prostate are responsible for the majority of nerves and blood vessels in your genital area, and they’re located at the base and underneath your penis.

If you sit down all day when you work, you are constantly putting pressure on these areas and desensitizing them slowly but surely.

Try to schedule times where you stand up from your desk and do some walks around the office. You could also look into a standing desk, so that you don’t have to spend the majority of your day sitting down, which is a very simple solution for how to make your penis more sensitive.

Lower Bike Riding Sessions

Biker decreasing penis sensitivity

Riding a bike will put constant pressure on the artery that supplies blood flow to your penis and could cause a 60% decrease in this area.

Over a long enough period, this will affect your performance abilities and could cause you to not feel as much as you used to.

If you’re an avid biker, stopping is not ideal. Therefore, you can continue biking but simply change the seat you’re using. The narrower the seat, the worse this problem could be. Getting yourself a wider seat may be an easy solution for how to make your penis more sensitive.

Check Your Testosterone Levels

A lack of testosterone for men can lead to all kinds of sexual performance issues, including a lack of sensitivity.

Low testosterone levels can lead to a lack of feeling in general, so you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if your T levels are the issue. If this is the issue, your doctor will discuss the best way to proceed, which may include prescribed patches, gels, or tablets.

Increasing Penis Sensitivity

Just because you’re experiencing a low sensitivity in your genital area doesn’t mean it’s a permanent problem. Take it step by step and experiment with different solutions until you can increase penis sensitivity again.