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 Limited to an exclusive number of serious clients worldwide, the Lifestyle Concierge program provides the unprecedented opportunity CREATE & DESIGN a personalized product. Your unique creation will be made with your specifications to keep your partner close.

Clients of RX Sleeve receive support during the design of their custom one-of-a kind sleeve. We walk you through the process to find the best form and fit for both you and your partner.   

~ Pleasure is found by giving pleasure to others ~

 THERE IS NO GREATER comfort than knowing you’ve created your own.

Our custom service is an exceptional, opportunity to work with personally with RX Sleeve's design team. Due to time and efforts constraints, we open up this service to a limited number of clients on a monthly basis. Here is what you will receive:

1.     Measuring and questionnaire package

2.     Personal review of all materials sent to our team for reference

3.     One-on-One phone conversation for suggestions and questions

4.     External design of the product, encompassing, but not exclusive to: Size, Shape, Length, Girth/Circumference, Material, and overall Aesthetic look and feel.

5.     Internal Hole Design for your comfort and special needs.

6.     Picture of external design for final confirmation



I always have extremely high anxiety for how I would be perceived, when it came to the bedroom. This program allowed me to make what I feel is correct. The payback from this association with this product is beyond measure.” Todd

Almost overnight, I’ve become close with my partner again — people don't understand what it is like. The love and respect of my wife is back! I know it was I that just needed to feel that I can give pleasure again — Happy to have stumble onto your website.” Mathew