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What partners saying about RX Sleeve


Customer's wife:

I will say the realism and the comfort level was a real turn on for me!

Wife is happy with Sonoma model:

We received the appliance today. I have to tell you it feels so terrific. It is a bit small for wild time, however my husband uses it every night on me and it is just wonderful. I do have a hard time getting him to wear it.. He would rather just put my vibrator in it and de-stress me. I am working on him to wear it a bit more.  

So, girls.... This Sonoma is a must have. Really !!!!!! We are finding that it can and will help your man and or it can be used with or without a partner which is also perfect. 

Only draw back is a husband with no sexual drive rather a drive to please me which is great but a bit clinical, if you follow. I like to feel him next to me and in me, however life issues has most of us with a partner the same.

I am lucky as he does have me hooked up with a surrogate and he likes to be part of holding me. However, anything else he really prefers to let our surrogate do. I do enjoy that however it is a bit awkward if you follow. - K. C.


Wife purchasing a Balboa model: 

"When you are done with your shower please pour me a glass of wine & come to the spare room with this tray.
I layer you out two briefs on purpose. One for now & one for later...

I have been on the sybian since you got into the shower.
See the sleeve. ?? I will put it on you after I get a back massage on the sybain. Then I want to feel the new you in me."

 He proceed to follow my direction. I had a glass of wine & a cigarette while he rubbed my back on the sybian for about an hour. I felt just wonderful. I turn around & removed his brief & noticed it was wet. He must have been leaking. What a turn on.. I was ready myself. I put some gun oil on his penis & slid the sleeve on him then connect the harness on him.

I got off the sybain and told him to treat me like a little slutt.
I jumped on the bed & he lubed up the appliance and slid it in me.
Owe my gosh it was big. But felt just perfect after I relaxed. The harness kept it securely attached. He was able to pleasure me for an hour !!!!!
I came 7 times.
I am writing this because other women will want this device! !!!!
Don't let the size fool you. Once you relax the appliance just fits perfectly. It will stay hard!!! So you can cum multiple times. It will stretch you... most of us like that feel.
Your man will feel like tarzan.
The only draw back is the head could be softer.

In short: my husband & I can have sex again !!!!!! In a normal formate. I can honestly tell you that I have never came so many times in one setting ever !!!! Nor have I cum so hard since hi school. The balboa  is a great fit for a bigger girl . 185. That has had several children. It is critical about presentation to your man. That is why I detailed this. Total support to each others needs are critical. Providing a open & comfortable environment is key. A man can be very sensitive with ed. Sex & bladder leakage related to the ED. I engage fully as the wife and it works great for us.

Please share this with other women. Most will never speak about this however are the same as i 100%.

Your Balboa product is wonderful !!! For us women that have older men !!! Thank you so much !

Customer purchase for husband:

In summary : the balboa is absolutely wonderful. !!! It allowed my husband to regain confidence in providing me with pleasure. It was not with out some push back to get him to wear it though. We are a normal couple . Most just don't speak openly about these things. My hubby has ed. And all the side effects that follow. Like most couples with same issues my hubby has allowed me to have a fulfillment partner for many years. This kinda bothered me until I found your product. I am not saying I am giving up this partner however it allows my husband to engage back with fulfilling me on daily bases. I opened your product last night & placed the harness & appliance next to his disposal brief that I lay out nightly for him prior to us going to sleep. I placed all this on a tray with a towel & a bottle of gun oil on it with two glasses of wine & ash tray & my cigarette  case  with a note that read:…….

Thank you from the UK:

I am eternally grateful. Of all, a charming young lady at our saloon apointment suggested RXSleeve, a bit embarassing really. However, my Husband is older and does suffer sexually.

With the Mission it really made the difference.. feels good to feel close again - Friend across the pond 

I said, “Seriously?”:

We are in our late forties… I work out and keep my body health. My Husband on the other hand works hard during the week and BBQ / Beer / Buddies during the weekend. For over a year now, his erections are not what they were. Long story short, He’s been a bit self-conscious … So, he buys your Pismo in adarker color, without telling me. He comes out of the Bathroom with it on… ‘What the hell, Seriouly?????????”

“What you thinking… No way!”

His persistence.. worked out.. slowly I inched my way….

I LOVE IT NOW!!!! - Kate


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