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Wearing your Rxsleeve:

Provided fairly good body heat transfer as well as allowed for ability to feel what was around it.  would run it under warm water a bit first. It was a pleasurable experience


Bringing enjoyment:

Thank you very much. By the way this is my second order with you and I just wanted to say that my girlfriend and I are very pleased with your product.

We had ordered the Monterey and I kinda surprised her with it and she said it was extremely natural feeling and quite enjoyable. Thank you again..

Did you know?:

Hey, I bought the Newport form you guys about 3 years ago.. cool

The Grip thing you guys have going now is nice… BTW, I got the Sale item Solmar with the Grip harness thing…. My Girl can’t get enough of that bad boy. He is not doubt more of a man than I will ever be… loloololol She uses him whie I am in bed with her.. oh man, I love it. What a scene it is. Although I have unfortunately a weak erection, I joy in on her fun .. Yes.. and this is how; she does not need the Grip part, so I took it off..took some time as I did not want to f--- up the Solmar. Get this, I put the grip thing on , just like that! The silicone loop somehow helps me keep a hardon!.. I love this thing. - I only wish I had the Grip on my Original Newport. - thanks again man


Customer regarding Zuma:

My wife loves the Zuma and I love giving it to her. She always have really big O and that from vaginal penetrations only. Thank You for that.That's just fun using the sleeves from you. Sex shall be fun. See you got new models - love progression and opportunities of choices. Best regards from Norway.


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