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Customer "Prostate and The Grip":

I have too had incontinence from this surgery.( like a customer you had in your testimonial). Luck has it, I am better now, in that regard. Here is what I have to say.. maybe use this for another testimonial to your customers reading, if you want. My biggest problem is the loss of inches! I can get somewhat hard, as I explained to your guy on Chat/email thing… but I am also much smaller now.

Other than other metal issues, this one hurts.. My lady understands, but .. ok.. your Paradise was serious. Bigger than it looked on my phone. Good Idea on the Harness.  Without it I would not be able to keep it up.. no possibile way, I don't get that hard to manage.  anyhow, she managed.. of sorts.., I felt more self-conscious… I’t all good we love each other.

The next time I think something smaller regardless, your company does help with personal feelings and issues… although not a cure by far.. it helps , well it helped me at-least. Take care - Seb.

Customer Regarding The Grip:

I have incontinence as a result of Prostate cancer surgery, and purchased your sleeve with the GRIP.  This product has changed my life, I was always self conscious to make love to my lady because the toys I bought online would bend.  Your sleeve stayed in place the entire night and my GF was loving it.  I want to thank you for making this type of product.  The work that you do is a life changer for me, thanks TOM for answering all my questions - I am very grateful.


Sexual Drive:

My libido is shot now. The coronado helps me get the job done. Now can you help me with this too? JK - Brian


Prostate Cancer Survivor:

"As a prostate cancer survivor, the Pacifica has made me feel like a man again. I've been through a lot these past couple of years and am thankful for this company. I'd recommend them to anyone that feels less then a man." Roy from Hawaii


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