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In a pickle:

Thank you for working with me on this Natalia, I know I am not so easy.. My Husband is frustrated with his situation..for being 50+ overweight, low testosterone, and having borderline diabetic, he is frisky mentally , but his member is not cooperating. Apparently he is not good with Sildenafil or the other one.. I love him he is okay now. Thank you for sending the Corona Model.. it feels good and he enjoys that too. The Venice model it think was not enough room for him to fit into. This one is slightly thicker than before - all good ;) Thanks again. - Megan

Customer with Implant and Grip:

Yes am the old man with younger wife, we talked before. Have had Implant done.  Must say, I lost much length. The product length was helpfull.  I like to say the Grip loop was soft and large enough to fit my testicles through..  as I had concerns with accessing the mechanism. - worked out well

Need HELP - Allergy:

You may recall, I am the guy with the injection reaction. My saline is kept cool, but still after injecting, it started not agreeing with me. Anyhow, the Balboa sleeve does work, GF enjoys it, and enjoys me not bitching about my issue, I think. Any how thanks and will I get a discount if I order again? - Gus from AL

Customer concerned Implant:

For Mike, you were correct. The Grip did not hurt my pump. Although, I must say, it is not so easy to put my balls in the hole. It is doable.. the lubrication you sell is slippery – thank you When on, I can addjust better to the hole size. Next I may try Firm in a Mission - Charles


Customer with injections:

Providing me with an alternative is comforting.  I can maintain the Medicine well, however as mentioned, the discomfort of injecting and point pain is something I can do without.  Product is not exactly perfect, but it does help get the job done. - Bill NV


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