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Was the product bigger or smaller than you thought?

Yes, the model was bigger

Did the product feel comfortable to the human touch?

Yes, soft and pliable

Did you find the harness awkward or uncomfortable?

Awkward at first and then once you get the hang of it, it is easier

Did you find easy to put on the Grip harness

Yes, went on quick and easy, all good

Did the model fit comfortable around your penis?

No, it was actually too large on the interior to fit properly and had to add a girth enhancer so it would stay on.

Was is difficult to insert your penis inside the shaft of the RXSLEEVE? 

Nope.. I have no issue, thank . you

Did the belt’s length fit your personal waist dimensions?

I am 40" waist. it was fine.

Did you use a condom over your RXSLEEVE? If so, why?

No, not on this product.  I am with my wife- no need.

Did the model stay in place at all times?

No, due to the fact that it was technically too large on the inside.  However, I will order a new one with correct hole

Where you able to penetrate with the RXSLEEVE?

Yes, penetration was as expected and fairly easy except do to the slightly larger than expected girth.

Did your partner feel comfortable during use?

Yes, partner advised it was larger than expected but ok once you get used to the larger diameter

Was it life like for your partner?

It was lifelike and she was pleased with the texture and feel except it as a little large..Yes, partner advised it was pleasurable and the feel was very lifelike.

Wearing your Rxsleeve comfortable?

Provided fairly good body heat transfer as well as allowed for ability to feel what was around it.  would run it under warm water a bit first. It was a pleasurable experience

Have you purchased a penis sleeve prior to your RXSLEEVE?

Yes, the Tommy Gun

What did you like about this model(s)?

Internal shape matched my penis perfectly

What features did you like over the competitor brand?

Prefer silicone over cyber skin due to cleanliness and texture

Did the RXSleeve model meet your expectations? 

Yes, texture, flexibility and softness were all very positive.

What attributes of the RXSleeve model did not meet your expectations?

I should have ordered the Firm, my girth is 5.25”  so Average was too soft with it

What improvements would you recommend for RXSLEEVE?

It is a fine product, just need to  include a little more details on the products on the website. 

Would you recommend RXSLEEVE on a blog or to a friend? 

Blog possibly, but friends probable not, too private nature of the conversation. Experience would be very posititve if you want to "spice" up your sex life a bit with something that feels good, works wonderfully and is easy to use.


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