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Three Reasons Why RXSleeve is the Best Penis Sleeve in the Market

1) Material

NEWS FLASH: The sex toy and penis sleeve industry is completely unregulated. This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it allows makers to be as creative as they can. It's a curse because you, as consumer, need to be educated in terms of what kind of materials is safe for your body and your genitals.

rxsleeve best penis sleeve

Here at RXSleeve, we pride ourselves in making sure that we only use top-notch quality on all our penis sleeves.

We use high quality non-hazardous silicone to ensure maximum safety. Silicone is completely non-porous. Therefore, it doesn't absorb any fluids of any kind. This kind of material doesn't allow any bacteria and fungi growth of any kind. It's also easy to clean because it's non-porous.

Water-based lubricant is the best lube to use for our products. We highly recommend this type of lubricant, for all your lube needs along with an RXSleeve product.

2) Harness
Not all harness are created equal.

This is one of the top concerns of our customers. In fact, a great number of our customers purchase our product because of the comfortable harness.
RXSleeve harness best penis sleeve
Our patented harness is non-slipping, non-pinching and it's easy to use.

One of our customers was so happy that the harness stayed in place all night. Here's what he has to say...

I have incontinence as a result of Prostate cancer surgery, and purchased your sleeve with the GRIP. This product has changed my life, I was always self conscious to make love to my lady because the toys I bought online would bend. Your sleeve stayed in place the entire night and my GF was loving it. I want to thank you for making this type of product. The work that you do is a life changer for me, thanks TOM for answering all my questions - I am very grateful."

3) Concierge Service
...and sometimes, you just need to create your own penis sleeve.

Our concierge service allows you build your own penis sleeve. This is a complete customized penis sleeve only created for you and your partner.

The RX Sleeve Lifestyle Concierge program provides the unprecedented opportunity to CREATE & DESIGN a personalized product that meets your specific criteria.

RXSleeve Concierge Best Penis Sleeve

Still not sure if we're the right fit for your penis sleeve needs?

Here's what customer with a health issue has to say about RXSleeve...

"Dear Customer Service, Unfortunately life happens and I was diagnosed with pre-ejaculation with onset erectile dysfunction due to my Diabetes a few years ago. My flaccid girth is large as well as my length. I am not able to have surgery and was told by my Dr. to contact your company for a Custom Product. Last month I called, spoke to Mike and decided to buy a Carmel Solmar with a custom hole and the Grip. When the package arrived, I opened it up and noticed the craftsmanship first hand. The pictures on your website do not do the sleeves justice, they look very real, scary real. Needless to say, my partner and I love it. Men like myself are going through a hard time and to be able to use this makes this difficult journey easier, yes this is a difficult time in my familie's life but I feel like a man again. Take care Mike, talk to you soon."

RXSleeve Best Penis Sleeve Passionate Gif
Another customer who was suffering with psychological impotence issues said...

"To be clear, wife has been there , and supporting... I need this for me, I think. She is ok with my new situation, but I am not. I need the psychological satisfaction of pleasing her more. Long road ahead of me I know... but this Pacifica product really gets us both going." - RoadR.

RXSleeve Best Penis Sleeve Romance
As you can see, it's not just about "feeling more like a man" -- it's about restoring your intimate lives with your partner regardless of medical or psychological issues.

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