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What to Consider When Purchasing a Penis Sleeve

SLEEVE QUALITY  We feel that it is not a good idea to skimp when buying a penis sleeve. RX Sleeve offers more options to enhance your sexual experience with our premium custom fitted models.  Major areas to consider when purchasing a sleeve include:

  • 100% Certified Skin Safe Silicone – Less expensive models that are made with cheap toxic materials can become discolored. These low priced models can also loose their shape over time, not to mention they may have a strong chemical smell that definitely ruins the mood. 
  • Painted with Cheap Paint- Topical paint is sprayed on the model once it has been molded. This layer of color will wear off after a couple of uses and the paint can be left behind inside your partner. This is not sexy at all.

COMFORT It needs to be comfortable, because if it's not this will literally make your sex experience miserable. Instead of sex being the most pleasurable thing on the planet, it could possibly turn into the most torturous. Especially when your life has already been experiencing some low points due to your ED diagnosis.


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