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5 Secrets for a Stronger Erection and Lasting Longer in the Bedroom

Impotence and lacking a stronger erection can hurt a man’s physical and mental ability to enjoy sex. Even if he is turned on by a woman and wants to complete the act, sometimes the body isn’t going to comply.
According to statistics, about 50% of men will experience impotence. Medical professionals believe that this number is on the lower end of their estimate. The stigma of not having a stronger erection may have an effect on this estimation.
One of the main key to getting past not having a stronger erection though is to realize that you aren’t alone. Too many men hide their erection issues from their partner. They get embarrassed and may look for reasons to avoid sexual activity.
Here are 5 tips to get a stronger erection, ensure her orgasm and make the bedroom activity last longer.
Sex is a physical activity. Exercise is a sure fire way to Increase endurance and stamina.
Exercise for stronger erection
According to Dr. Ryan Berglund, blood flow is the key to a healthy erection. And there's nothing that encourages blood flow like exercise. It also help the body in building nitric oxide that helps maintain and have a stronger erection.
Exercise can help you feel more confident and energized both in and out of the bedroom. When you feel good about yourself, you're in a more positive disposition to enjoy sex. You'll be more relaxed, less distracted, and less worried on your bedroom performance.
There are many benefits to exercise, and enjoying sex and an increase sex drive is definitely one of them.
Interestingly enough, some foods are better than others when it comes to having a stronger erection.
Eat right for stronger erection
For example, beer could affect your erection but coffee increases blood flow, which helps in having a stronger erection.
Food such as salmon, oysters, and tuna are rich in fish oil and and omega 3 fatty acids that increases blood flow. And as you know by now, helps in having a stronger erection.
Don't hesitate to experiment with food with your partner. Part of the fun, and the journey, is the experience together. Doing things together increases intimacy.
Don't underestimate the power of making food and playing with food with your partner as a form of foreplay.
Foreplay for stronger erection 
Foreplay does not have to include touching your sexual parts. Discovering you and your partner's erogenous zones is half the fun. And delaying orgasm, delayed gratification, helps in achieving stronger erections.
Other ways of sexual stimulation could be watching a raunchy film together. Another one is tantric yoga or reading erotica out loud to each other.
Your brain is your biggest sexual organ. Your imagination, together, can take you everywhere. Use your brain to your advantage.
This tip goes hand in hand with foreplay. Paying attention to your partner's sexual cues help in achieving a stronger erection and lasting longer in the bedroom. Emotional connection increases libido and allows you to enjoy sex more.
Ask your partner what they want, what they're willing to try, and even a fantasy or two that you both can enact. Be together, in the moment. That goes a long way in achieving a stronger erection in the bedroom.
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